Friday, 23 September 2011

Type 1 diabetes

Diabetes is a illness in which the person suffers from high blood sugar either because the body is unable to producing insulin or due to inability of the cells to produce insulin. Blood sugar is a very common illness found these days & every one out of 100 gets trapped in to the cage of this illness. There's types of Diabetes: Diabetes type one & Diabetes type two. But exactly what is diabetes type one, what is cause of diabetes type one, what are the signs of diabetes type one & what is the difference in type one & type two are a quantity of the points that ought to understand carefully before going for the right treatment for diabetes type one. In addition, gestational diabetes is also recognized as another type of diabetes where diabetic signs & conditions are present in pregnant females.

What is Diabetes Type 1Diabetes type one is a type of diabetes that results due to autoimmune destruction of insulin beta cell. Due to lack of insulin, the glucose gets increased in blood & in urine. In normal case, the immune process defends the body from invasion of virus & bacteria, but in diabetes type one, the immune itself assaults the various cells in the body, this leads to deficiency of insulin. When they eat sugar from food, it stimulates the pancreas to release the amount of insulin; the role of this insulin is to provide nutrients like sugar to the body cells. Cells use this insulin as a type of energy to perform body functions. When the insulin is used by the cell, the sugar in the blood decreases, then the beta cells gets the signals from the body to lower down the insulin secretion to keep away from low blood sugar level. But in the case of diabetes type one, beta cell gets destroyed & the whole process completed by beta cells gets stops, leading to unavailability of insulin.

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